Meditations with Animals

Duration : 8h
Join us for a day of meditation accompanied by a spiritual expert: Norin Chaï and our animals. Find our wolves, our cats and our Spanish horse Santoro in an exceptional and soothing setting. This project comes from a meeting ... two different paths, the same sensitivity, the same commitment; the way is cleared… Muriel, expert in animal staging, in the audiovisual world, and Norin, spiritual veterinarian, have the common goal of awakening Consciousness. Their ally (of size!) Wild fauna, as strong as it is fragile...

Next dates :
- Saturday 26th March 2022
- Saturday 23rd April 2022
- Saturday 14th May 2022
- Saturday 18th June 2022
- Saturday 30th July 2022

On the program: Meditation, Consciousness, Anchoring, Connections

9h-10h30 :
Meditative conference (main theoretical bases and practices of consciousness work)
– Relearn to breathe
– Energetic breathing
– Mental clarity
– Gymnastics of Consciousness
– Feel your energetic body

11h-12h : Meditative conference: Reconnection with oneself and regaining emotional autonomy
– Empathy and personal boundaries
– Manage your personal boundaries (aura’s gymnastics)
– Communications and energy
– Communication with the chakras
– Regain your emotional autonomy

12h : Lunch will be served with our team.

13h-17h30 : Communication with Nature and animal meditation
– Anchoring with trees
– Meditation with cats
– Meditation with « Santoro », Spanish horse
– Meditation with wolves
Excellent experience! The setting is exceptional, the animals were receptive, calm and soothing ... It was incredible to experience it with them! I highly recommend !

Veterinarian, with two science masters and two doctorates, is a European specialist in zoological medicine, Norin has worked for 25 years in wildlife. Director of a national park in Chad then veterinary manager of two zoos in France, he was also president (co-founder) of the Regional Laboratory for the Monitoring of Wild Fauna, president of the Elefantasia association and president-founder of Yaboumba, an association working in Conservation and humanitarian projects. He has published extensively in veterinary journals, national magazines, general public works and given over 100 lectures at national and international congresses. He recently built a wildlife clinic in Sumatra with Yaboumba.

In parallel with this very academic journey, spirituality has always accompanied him. He has been meditating since the age of 10, became a Theravada Buddhist monk at age 20, and graduated to obtain the title of Reiki Master 5 years ago. Today, far from all dogma, he has developed his own energetic care and his modes of communication with Nature and animals.

Rendez-vous en Terre Animale aims to strengthen and enhance sociality between humans and animals. In close collaboration with Animal Contact, a company specializing in animal training for the audiovisual world, the association offers to join a team of passionate professionals in order to be in immersion with wild animals, all stars of the small and big screen.
Muriel Bec et un loup dans la forêt

Muriel Bec
Recognized specialist in animal training for the audiovisual world for 30 years, she has more than 1,000 audiovisual products to her list. His skills and experience are at the service of the biggest names in directing for hundreds of films, television shows, commercials, photos, events, plays, operas and live shows on an international scale. His career is unique. Nothing predestined this teacher's daughter to such a fate. As a child, she spends most of her time in nature observing animals; at the age of 7, she found and tamed a crow that followed her everywhere, then a magpie, orphaned wild ducks...

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Each person must scrupulously respect the safety instructions and the internal regulations. In the event of non-compliance with these instructions, the Management reserves the right to interrupt the activity at any time, without reimbursement.

Wear appropriate clothing (pants and closed shoes) for the activities.

For the winter and spring seasons, please bring boots for the activities.

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10, Route de Nibelle 45530, Sury aux Bois, France.

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our prices

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