Muriel Bec

Born October 23, 1965.

Recognized specialist in animal training for the audiovisual world for 30 years, she has more than 1,000 audiovisual products to her list.

Her skills and experience are at the service of the biggest names in directing for hundreds of films, TV shows, commercials, photos, events, plays, operas and live shows on an international scale.
Muriel Bec et la lynx Ria
Her journey is unique. Nothing predestined this daughter of teachers, to such a fate. As a child, she spends most of her time in nature observing animals; at the age of 7, she found and tamed a crow that followed her everywhere, then a magpie, orphan wild ducks ... At 10, she taught her dog to close doors, to play dead, to carry Objects. For this autodidact the way is mapped out.
Muriel Bec embrassant un loup
When she was 18, she left to study ethology in the United States. Back in France, she meets by chance an animal trainer for the cinema. She then discovers that this activity brings together everything she loves: osmosis with animals, cinema, adventures, lack of routine, human encounters, technical challenges...

Even if she practices dressage, Muriel does not recognize herself in this term. rough. She prefers to talk about animal staging: "Far from formatting, it is the use of the animal's abilities and its desire to communicate, to share."
Longtemps, Muriel travaille avec des chiens, chats et autres animaux domestiques… Mais en 2005, pour « Aurore » de Niels Tavernier, le directeur de production a insisté : il voulait 50 chiens de chasse à courre, 10 chevaux et 1 faucon préparés par elle ; Cette demande a représenté un virage et... un succès ! Dès lors elle se spécialise dans le multi-espèce en considérant chacun des animaux acteurs individuellement : « J’aime être un jour un loup, le lendemain un sanglier ou un écureuil…».

For a long time, Muriel worked with dogs, cats and other domestic animals… But in 2005, for “Aurore” by Niels Tavernier, the production manager insisted: he wanted 50 hunting dogs with hounds, 10 horses and 1 falcon prepared by her. This request represented a turning point and ... a success! She therefore specializes in multispecies by considering each of the animal actors individually: "I like to be a wolf one day, a boar or a squirrel the next day ...".

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