Animal Trainer for a day

Minimum age : 6 | Duration : between 3h and 8h
Do you dream of discovering the profession of animal trainer, in a structure that values contact with animals as much as possible? This activity is made for you!

Alongside our team of enthusiasts, participate in the daily feeding, care and enrichment exercises of our furry and feathered stars: wolves, lynxes, panthers, coati, raccoon, raptors, parrots, foxes, dromedaries, and many more...

This essential phase is at the heart of our method, because at Animal Contact the trainers are also healers. In order to be able to work with animals in good conditions, it is essential to establish a relationship with them based on trust and complicity!

What to expect

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by a trainer. Then you will visit the site and meet all our residents. The trainer explains his job and makes you actively participate in the tasks to be carried out.

Repetitions of precise actions with the animals in preparation for filming according to our training schedule for the films in progress.

Here again, your active participation strengthens the team of trainers just like an actor or a film technician during our professional services.

Choose your visit:

Morning: from 9:30 to 12:30
Afternoon: from 14:00 to 17:30
Full day: from 9:30 to 17:30
The stars you might see!

Our adult Wolves: Lycos, Leto, Hades & Farouk
Our young Wolves:  Jen, Lee, Horst, Vlad & Chem
Deers: Monsieur, Chambord
Hinds: Nini, Julia & Tchatch
Fallow deers: Danny, Fanny, Automne
Boars: Hip-Hop, Georges, Adrienne
Squirrels: Nounouche, Leffe, Ruby, Panache
Badgers: Ouin-Ouin, Oui-Ouine
Racoon: Maiki
Coatis: Lulu
Nutria: Nac
Panthers: Tchandra & Arun
Lynx: Ria
Caracal: Gosh et Sia
Serval: Tsango
Dromedaries: Alex, Yala
Foxes: Louloute et Trolus
Donkey: Pipo
Horses: Santoro, Alizée, Hold Up, Chavarria, Chelsy
Poneis: Poly, Willow, Galopin, Maya, Spirit
Llama: Wendy
Sheep: Arthur, Chipie
Rook raven: Malavita
Parrot Macaw Chloroptera: Rackam, Mony, Jones
Gabonese gray parrot: Benji
Cranes: Mili, Pili, Tonto et Miss
Royal Eagle: Raa
Wood pigeon: Jack
Harris hawks: Nikita, Wari
African Grand Duke Owl: Tito
European Grand Duke Owl: Patchouli
Siberian Eagle Owl: Furby
Cats : Irun, Omaley, Mackao, Juda, Gaspard, Curby, Tony, Tino, Melkior
Our leitmotif : « Know them in order to understand them, understand them in order to love them, love them in order to defend them ».
important :
Prepare your stay by reading the practical informations and our FAQ.

Wear appropriate clothing (pants and closed shoes) for the activities.

Children under the age of 5 are not allowed to participate in activities with the Healer and Trainer for a day activity.

For the winter and spring seasons, please bring boots for the activities.

Our address

10, Route de Nibelle 45530, Sury aux Bois, France.

our prices

1 child
€80 / €130
1 adult
€120 / €200
Prices for half a day and full day

our prices

1 child
€80 / €130
1 adult
€140 / €240
Prices for half a day and full day
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